Memphis Hack Club Merch Store

This is the store to fund Memphis HackClub! Buying merch assists Memphis HackClub in hosting cool events while assisting Memphis HackClub in accomplishing our long term goal of creating a strong community of Memphis coding and making oriented students. We have open source documentation on how merch money is transferred to our bank account. You can always make tax deductible donations on, and donations are appreciated.

MHC Think Cap

This snazzy hat is to enhance your hacker brain


MHC T-Shirt

A classic Hack Club tee featuring our logo and motto.


MHC Birthday T-Shirt

Celebrate Memphis Hack Club with this limited-edition Hacky BD shirt!


MHC Hoodie

Stay warm at your desk or outside with a comfy Hack Club hoodie!


MHC Hacky Holidays

Have a Merry Christmas and Hacky Holidays with this festive tee!


MHC Happy Invite

Join Hack Club or our best member will hack your computer.


Robe of the Hacker

Embrace your inner Hacker. . .


The π Million United States Dollar Shirt

The most boutique craftsmanship of Memphis Hack Club.


MHC Speedster Kicks

These are to your feet as overclocking is to your computer! - They make you fast.


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