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At Memphis Hack Club, we are a welcoming community of fellow makers, future engineers, and fantastic computer scientists! You should not hesitate to join us for one of our weekly meetings no matter your skill level. It’s absolutely fine if you have never done any coding or engineering before. Our members will help walk you through the learning process. Our weekly meetings will allow you to make your first project in less than one and half hours. Probably the most important benefit is being around students who share your interest in technology. Hack Club is an amazing social experience filled with much fun and some learning! Our Weekly Zoom Meetings are every Friday at 4:00 PM where we host amazing workshops. We also have a Discord where we host gaming nights, special coding events, and art socials. At your meeting, we will invite you to the discord, but please read the security and code of conduct below.


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Security & CoC

At Memphis Hack Club we love new members, and we encourage you to come have fun with us! We do however have a few rules for the online safety of our current members

Rules for your first meeting!

Use your first and last name so we can admit you into our meeting.
Keep your camera on as much as possible. If your camera does not work please contact one of the leaders below before the meeting.
If any of these rules are violated you will be removed or not be admitted.

Our Zoom code is 967 706 7646 (or click here to join)

Code Of Conduct

Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Be thoughtful in how you communicate.

Don't be destructive or inflammatory.

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