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Please contact us for any questions, concerns, or to just talk to us before your first meeting. We would to love meet you! Reaching out to us is not weird or awkward and we would love to speak to you!

Meet our Leaders


Hello, my name is Blake! I have been programing 7 years and love it even more than when I started. I like 3d-printing, arduinos, and just chilling with my fellow club members. I am a python and chrome extensions developer, as well as a laser eltromagentic visualizer engineer. I love checking out and helping people with their projects. If you want to ask questions about the club or want someone to hang out with, hit me up!


Hello, I am Philip. Besides coding and engineering, I love eating watermelon, playing with my dog, and chillin with the club! My other interests include cars, finance, and playing a ton of soccer. I am a wind turbine developer, a Stencyl specialist, and a diamond hand PHP fan. I love meeting new people, and I work hard to get to know and build up every single Memphis Hack Clubber. I would love to meet you! Text me anytime(or email if that’s your thing)!

Meet the Leadership Team


Hello, my name is Arielle, and I am 15 years old! I’m pretty new at coding right now, but I love it all the same! I also enjoy math, science, Japanese, Russian, reading, writing, and talking to the awesome people on the hackclub. We lived in Japan for two and a half years, but now we’re in good old Tennessee. I love meeting new people, and am happy to help anyone get used to the wonderful people and information in this club. Feel free to contact me at any time!!


Hello, I am Sophia! I haven’t been coding for very long, but the Memphis Hack Club has made it a very fun experience! I love animals, in fact, I love them so much that I own a pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroach named Jack, two dogs, three fish, and a cat! Among coding, I like to crochet, draw, sew, play video games, ride horses, and hang out with fellow Hack Club members! I’d love to get to know you, or answer your questions to the best of my ability, so please feel free to text or email me anytime!


Hello, my name is John, and I’m 15. Besides programming with fellow Memphis HackClubbers, I also enjoy playing video games, especially Minecraft and Nintendo games, collecting Lego, playing soccer and watching shows with my siblings. I’ve been programming for around 5 years now, and have loved the projects we do here at Memphis Hack Club. I’ve developed my own video game an RPG about exploring the forest as teenage boy. I am an avid pianist and guitar guru. I’m a musical composer, and I also run a gaming YouTube channel. I am very proud to be a part of the team here at Memphis Hack Club and would love to meet you. I am happy to answer any questions and introduce you into Memphis HackClub, so please email or text me.


Hi, I'm Micah! I'm a graphic designer and web developer who's been coding for nearly eight years now! I started programming on Scratch in 2014 and now I spend most of my time building stuff in Vue 3, Ionic, JavaScript, and more. Memphis Hack Club added me to their team during late 2021, but I'm very enthusiastic about young coders and love teaching workshops. You can find my little corner of the Internet at 🚀


Hello, I'm Lilly! I've been coding here and there for about 2 years now and am excited to learn and grow. I code websites in HTML and Roblox games in Lua. Other than coding I enjoy video design, theater, and goofing off with my friends. I'm so glad I found Memphis HackClub because it's taught me more about coding and I've made great friends in the process.


Hi, I'm Alex. I've been programming for about 5 years and my main interests are in cybersecurity, programming, and physics. Outside of the more technical realm I enjoy playing tennis and hanging out with friends. As of August 2023, I've been in Hackclub for around a year and a half and I'm very grateful for the opportunities it's provided me with.


Hello my name is THE CLUB, some know me as THE CLUB and others Memphis Hack Club. That being said, I am a mystic force that connects the most enthusiastic and creative minds together. When these minds come together, they speak prophecies of the future…And then they create it. I have distributed many posters, made many students into great programmers, and have allowed students to create the software of the future. I am a powerful force and I have too have an email if you dare speak to THE CLUB.

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